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Adventure Combo

Discover Trollhaugen's adrenaline-pumping adventures and natural beauty.

Quick Details


Participants will be admitted to the Challenge Course first and then will be enrolled either in the 2pm Zip Tour (10am adventure package) or 3pm Zip Tour (11am adventure package).

General Admission
Adult Ages 18+
Student Ages 7-17; 70lbs+ for zip line tours

Prepare yourself for the ultimate adrenaline-pumping experience at Trollhaugen Adventure Course Extreme Zipline.

This ziplining excursion is not your typical one; it will give you an unparalleled sensation of tremendous excitement. This adventure course, which is tucked away in the center of Trollhaugen, provides thrill-seekers with an unmatched experience that will leave them gasping for air and wanting more. Fly through the air at incredible speeds, defying gravity as you avoid tricky obstacles like tall trees. The challenging ziplines at Trollhaugen journey Course will push you to the edge and put your courage to the test, giving you a thrilling and exciting journey that will make your heart race. You can concentrate on savoring the excitement and pleasure of this intense experience knowing that expert guides are watching out for your safety and using cutting-edge equipment. As you start the Trollhaugen Adventure Course Extreme Zipline, be ready for the trip of a lifetime.