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Kids Course

Explore the fun options available and create a special day for your kids in Trollhaugen.

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Kids' Course

Plan a day of outdoor fun and adventure on our kids obstacle course near Minneapolis

Learn about the wonders of the Kids Adventure Park in Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area, where young explorers may let loose all of their unlimited energy and go on thrilling adventures. Our children’s adventure park offers a world of excitement and fun in an effort to spark youngsters’ imaginations. Our children’s obstacle course, where young explorers may test their dexterity, balance, and problem-solving abilities, is one of the highlights. Children may scale new heights and face exhilarating challenges by using a range of difficult obstacles, such as climbing walls, rope courses, and balancing beams. Our children’s obstacle course is made to offer a secure and energizing setting, enabling youngsters to grow in self-assurance, resiliency, and collaboration.